Labor and Employment

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Lawshi provides legal service and consultancy on matters involving employer-employee relationships including issues on labor standards, labor relations, administrative investigations, employment benefits, termination of employment, and union activities.

We offer assistance to clients in meeting diverse economic conditions and in minimizing the risk of litigation by assisting clients in the preparation and review of employee contracts, manuals, policies and disciplinary rules, assessing employment practices, and providing updates on significant developments in labor and related laws.

We also represent clients in labor cases involving claims of illegal termination and unpaid wages and benefits.

Provide advice on corporate restructuring, employee transfer and placement in the process of mergers and acquisitions, handle corporate reduction plans and programs, and participate in on-site negotiations with employees.

Drafting, reviewing, revising labor contracts, employee manuals, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, payroll and other human resource management related documents.

Provide enterprises with solutions and suggestions for handling labor dispute cases, and represent companies in labor dispute adjustments and reconciliations, as well as arbitration and litigation activities.

Provide training to companies on labor laws, compliance, anti-corruption and trade secret protection.