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The access to justice is not pocket-friendly. Finding the right lawyer to handle your case is not easy. The processes and litigation costs are truly terrifying. For this reason, the cost hinders the filing or continuance of litigation. Plaintiffs holding valid claims sometimes do not have the resources to initiate a lawsuit or to see one through to a favorable resolution. LAWSHI Legal Financing was established as the first legal financing firm in Latin America to cater to your financial needs for litigation and judicial processes.

We aimed to promote legal financing and address its absence in the region. As lawyers, we are very keen and familiar with the problems of the clients: the complexity of the procedure and the costs of judicial processes. Judicial processes, like litigation per say, are very expensive and rigorous that, most often than not, rights are not asserted and justice is not served. We are driven by our vision to make justice accessible to all at no cost. We are committed to our mission to improve access to justice and make cost not a hindrance in any way. Lawshi Legal Financing is partnered with the most prominent and experienced lawyers of Latin America, and continue to gain popular interest in the justice system in the country.

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